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Melodie + Erin in home couples session

Updated: Jan 30, 2022

I had the absolute honor of photographing Mel and Erin in their home. I've been sitting in my comfort zone of using my camera at golden hour in a field with mountains lining the background. It's my favorite comfort zone to be in but I like to branch out in the winter time to explore different types of sessions. I asked Mel if I could experiment with my photography style with her and her partner (and Gnocchi & Bucatini) in a low light setting and edit in a film like way- (if you have film camera suggestions please let me know!). Mel works with my friend Cori at Love You Tattoo. I met her at the shop and was immediately obsessed, as I am with everyone I've met there. Anyway, she agreed to let me practice new things. Erin made coffee for us and I was introduced to the cats. Here are some of my favorite photos of our Saturday morning together. They feel tangibly cozy and warm. Visit Mel at



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