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How long does a photoshoot take and how many photos will I recieve?

Photoshoots take anywhere from 45-90 minutes. We can go as quickly as you need to or stay longer if everyone is having fun! 

For weddings you will receive a minimum of 50 photos per hour and for family/couple photoshoots you will receive a minimum of 75 photos. 


Can I bring a friend to our photoshoot?

Sure, just let me know first! Having an extra hand to help with your dog is great, having a friend taking pictures on their phone and giving direction can be a little distracting. 


Do you offer mini sessions?

I do not at this time. It often takes some time to get comfortable in front of the camera and I don't like to rush through sessions. I only want to offer the highest quality experience and photographs to you!


Can you make me look ____ in my pictures?

You're literally stunning. 
If you have an acne that shows up the morning of your shoot I will do my best to remove it, same with dirt on your clothing or your child's bandaid. I will not change your body. I do not do that kind of editing nor do I want to. 


Do you travel?

I sure can and I'm honored you're considering it!

We can talk about travel fees depending on your location and event! 


What camera do you use?

I photograph with a Nikon D7500 with an external flash (when needed). The important takeaway here is the camera has two memory card slots, your pictures are being written on both at the same time JUST IN CASE something happens to one of them. I also use a Fujifilm X100V.


Where will my photos take place?

I normally like to photograph in the Boulder area or Summit county, that is consistent with what you see here :) I'm open to wherever you want to go. We dive into location details once you book your photoshoot. Travel fees incur outside of Colorado. 


How long until I receive all of my photos?

You will get 'previews' within 48 hours. This is just a handful of photos right away since I know you're excited to see them. Your full online gallery is in your inbox within four weeks for family and couples and within eight weeks for weddings. 


What if the weather is bad?

I keep an eye on weather and update you with what we're up against beforehand. Being that this is Colorado, I will not change your time and date until a maximum of 48 hours before for weather reasons. It's ~everchanging~ here. I am open to changing time and or locations if we need to! It's no problem. 


Can you recommend other vendors for hair, florals, makeup, tattoos, clothing...?

Yes and I would love to! I have met the most talented people working this job and am happy to help connect you!

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