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*I will be on maternity leave (yay!) August 1st-October 1st*

Talk soon!

Photo services


Family photos

Family photos are $450. 

You will receive 75+ high resolution photos in an online gallery. 

I encourage outfit changes! If you have young children I prefer to do family photos at sunset so the mountains and the sun are behind you. (Children are usually more chill about photographers when they're not looking directly into the sun).  
Yes, you can bring your dog :)


Couples photos

Couples photos are $450.

This includes engagement photos, anniversaries, milestones, annuals, just because! Whatever you want to celebrate and capture, I am here for you. You will receive 75+ high resolution photos in an online gallery. I encourage outfit changes. 

Don't worry about feeling nervous in front of the camera, everyone is and look how hot they all are (click the couples tab). I'll help you every step of the way. Think of it as a fun date, except I'm there, and you're wearing cute clothes in a field somewhere. It'll be fun!



Elopements and micro weddings begin at $1500. 

Weddings begin at $2400 for six hours and $3200 for eight hours, these are the most common amount of times I am hired for. You don't need to have your exact times figured out now. We can discuss your timeline and vision thru email and zoom calls! Out of state travel fees are discussed on an individual basis. 

I cannot wait to hear about your vision for your exciting day! Happy engagement! 


Maternity photos

Maternity photos are $400. You will receive 50+ high resolution photos in an online gallery. You can do these by yourself, with your partner or with your other children if you already have them! This is such a short but significant time in your life and I'd be happy to capture it however you see fit. 



Opening your business or updating your website/social media and headshots of your business? I can help. Let's chat one on one so I can get a feel of what you're looking for and we can make magic!  


Anything else??

Not seeing what you're looking for but still interested in my style of work? 
Send me a message describing what you'd like and I'll get back to you! 

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