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Love You Tattoo branding


I had the dream photographer's day to sit down with four of the most talented, funniest, kindest woman in Boulder, Colorado. Love You Tattoo is the most welcoming shop I have ever stepped inside of. A sense of comfortability and kindness washes over every client that has the pleasure of visiting Cori, Brit, Emi + Liana. The bright colors and fun music brings so much joy to me. I'm not sure about yall but my first tattoo experience happened over ten years ago and it was a big dark room with a soundtrack of screaming, scary music amplifying thru the shop. Let's just say that Love You is the opposite. It boasts a very instagrammable wall as you wait for your appointment on the couch and who doesn't want that. I mean, it's 2022.

The shop came to fruition in 2021 by Cori James with the help of her partner Jason and countless friends by her side.


3380 Arapahoe Ave

Boulder, Co 80303

Let's meet the girls.

Cori James | Owner

@CoriJamesTattoo Traditional tattoos with bright and bold colors.



Bold blackwork tattoos.

Emi Collison

@EmiDoesArt Illustrative, neo traditional + American traditional tattoos.

Liana Joy


Check out her website and instagram for examples of Liana's style.

Blessed to have yall in my lives. I would trust any of you to tattoo my face. Love you,



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